National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking In Human Rights Commission Concludes Online Virtual Training Program on Managing and Analyzing Trafficking in Persons Data

National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking in HRC’s concluded an online virtual training program today on managing and analyzing trafficking in persons data. The program was attended by representatives of the HRC’s  National Anti-Trafficking in Persons Committee and held in cooperation with the GCC UN Office on Drugs and Crime.  

The two-day training program targeted the National Core Team, providing training on the management and analysis of anti-trafficking in persons crimes and personnel capacity building in various anti-trafficking agencies. The training was conducted by Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime Al Qadi Hatim Ali and a UNODC expert. The 7-session program covered several topics including the mechanisms, preparation, drafting, concepts, types, methodologies, compilation, and practical applications of trafficking in persons reports. Day 1 of the program particularly focused on the know-how of preparing trafficking in persons reports and the design of relevant of data collection forms. 

Day 2 sessions covered data collection through the use of specific forms for reporting purposes. It addressed various methods and approaches to trafficking in persons data analysis, and the mechanisms of coordinating data collection and analysis between the various agencies.

By organizing these specialized programs, the HRC aims to advance and empower the National Core Team’s understanding of reporting mechanisms; forms; documentation; coordination; and robust data collection, analysis, and preparation that is compatible with Phase II of the Trafficking in Persons National Referral Mechanism in Saudi Arabia. This phase focuses on saving, referring, documenting, and sheltering trafficking in persons victims.

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