Al-Awwad: We Seek to Amplify Efforts in the Battle against Trafficking in Persons to Fulfill the Aspirations of the Wise Leadership

The Standing Anti-Trafficking in Persons Committee held its 13th meeting for the year 1441 H on Monday, headed by His Excellency Dr.Awwad bin Saleh Alawwad, President of the Human Rights Commission and Chairman of the Committee.

His Excellency stressed on the importance of amplifying efforts in the battle against trafficking in persons, and urged member government representatives to work towards achieving the aspirations of the wise leadership in eliminating this crime and highlighting the Kingdom's efforts in doing so.

His Excellency also noted the need to provide the General Secretariat with access to detailed recent data and statistics on trafficking crimes, including the form and place of the crimes, and the nationality and gender of the perpetrators and the victims, so as to create a database that enables the General Secretariat to prepare and submit reports containing detailed statistical data to international organizations.

The representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development gave a presentation on the Ministry's pipeline initiatives for the protection of worker rights and the improvement of the contractual relationship between the employer and the worker, which will raise the assessment level of the Kingdom's efforts towards combating trafficking crimes in future international reports.

Alawwad reviewed the latest developments of the National Referral Mechanism for Crimes of Trafficking in Persons, commending the project and its usefulness in coordinating the efforts of authorities concerned with combating trafficking crimes. The Secretary-General then reviewed and discussed the items of the meeting's agenda with all attending participants


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