In 2013, the UN General Assembly designated July 30th as World Day Against Trafficking in Persons to raise awareness of the suffering of the victims of this crime and to reaffirm our commitment to combatting this violation of human rights.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is continuously exerting efforts to protect human rights by combating trafficking-in-persons crimes.

In light of the especial need for collaboration in tackling this multi-faceted and transnational crime, the Kingdom maintains a National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking, comprised of seven government agencies that have come together to prevent and combat this crime. 

Under the guidance of The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and under the supervision of the Crown Prince, the Committee and its members have recently undertaken several major reforms.

These include the adoption of the Kingdom’s first-ever National Referral Mechanism, a national coordinative framework for the identification and protection of victims and the prosecution of perpetrators, and several other successes.

But the Committee cannot win the fight against trafficking alone.

We call on all citizens and residents in the Kingdom to join the fight by reporting any suspected cases of trafficking to the authorities

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